Welcome to Frugal Money Man! My name is Sean Cranston, and I am going to help you navigate how to build wealth and retire financially secure. Being a millennial, I was born into what some refer to as “Generation Debt.” While being in debt can be overwhelming, I promise you that there is a solution. If you’re in a position where you feel like you’re drowning in payments and there is no way out, then you came to the right place.

My story of entering the workforce as a member of “Generation Debt” after college is a little different than most. Due to the fact that I went to an in-state public university and lived at home for 3 out of my 4 years, I only owed $5,000 back to the university after I graduated. My major financial setback came with the fancy BRAND NEW car I just had to have…I walked into that car dealership knowing I would purchase my new car that day, and I had absolutely zero negotiation skills. Not only did I not have any negotiation skills, but I even told the car salesman that no matter what, I will be buying my car today. It took me only 1 hour to find my car, test drive it, then sign up for close to $20,000 in auto loan debt.

It took me about 2 payments to quickly figure out that I absolutely HATED giving my money to someone else. Looking ahead and knowing that I signed up for $367/month payments over 60 months made me want to puke. I eventually got so sick of making payments that I committed to paying it off as quickly as I could. I ended up paying off the car in 2 years instead of 5, but it defintely left a scar that I will never forget.

Fast forward to now and my fiancee and I live 100% debt free. No auto loans, student loans, or credit card debt. We made the commitment together to achieve financial freedom, so that one day our family will never have to worry about money again. This commitment is not easy, and it will test you constantly. The good news is that the math equation behind financial freedom is actually simple. All you really need to do is become extremely frugal for a period of time, while also investing a big portion of your income. Together Amber (my AMAZING fiancee) and I now invest 35% of our income into our retirement accounts.

Our mission at Frugal Money Man is to teach you how to avoid debt, invest your money, and how to retire WEALTHY.