18 thoughts on “Don’t Laugh at Marcus Williams…You Have Been Making the Same Mistake for Years

  1. I honestly thought he simply closed on the receiver too quickly and realized that he was going to get flagged for interference so he avoided the hit, assuming one of the other two or three defenders in the area were actually paying attention and would make the stop. Either way I can’t stand New Orleans so I loved it! And I loved this post as well. Knowing what you need to do is useless unless you do it!

    1. A day later my thought is he could’ve simply slowed up and waited for Diggs to catch it, then simply wrapped him up in the air and bring him down. The NFL game is played so fast though, it’s impossible to think about making a play. You just have to trust your instincts and make the play!

      And thank you!

  2. I feel bad for Williams, hopefully he has the right mindset to put that behind him and move on. And get off of social media cuz that has to be brutal right now for him. The good news is he is young and hopefully will have many years to redeem himself!

    Nice post!

    1. Luckily funding and IRA is ALOT easier than playing football!

      I am a big Eagles fan so I am hoping the Vikings got all their good luck out in that game!

  3. He didn’t want to get flagged for interference and pulled back. But as you said, those decisions have to be made in a micro-second. And the wrong decision brings no mercy….

  4. Haha! Prior to this past weekend, I thought the most miraculous play in the history of the NFL was between Bradshaw, Tatum, and Harris.


    But Keenum, Williams, and Diggs may have the Immaculate Reception beat. Way to connect Williams’s gridiron screw up to an all too familiar financial screw up that many Americans make: failing to take advantage of the humble IRA. Great post, my friend.

  5. Hey Sean!

    Great write up here! I agree that not many people use their resources even though they’re aware of it.

    I’m from Canada, so I get a little confused when you guys talk about your IRAs. I sometimes hear about Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRAs (are they the same?). It might help if I were to google that myself haha…

    We have two main registered accounts here. One is the RRSP (equivalent to your 401k) and the other is a TFSA (equivalent to your IRA Roth I would guess), but again, I don’t know the different types of IRAs, lol.

    It’s definitely important to save for your retirement. Gotta fund your desired lifestyle, and we never know when that major medical expense will hit when we get older.

    I always hear some who go all out saving every penny and not enjoying life during their young years. While it’s important to save for the future, we should also enjoy what we can now. At the end, it’s all about balance!

    Again, awesome post! You nailed it with your points. I look forward learning more about American investment accounts! 🙂

    1. That’s hilarious!

      Traditional – $$$ is NOT taxed going into the account (and is tax deductable), but is taxed when you withdraw from it
      Roth – $$$ is taxed before going in (is NOT tax deductable), but the $$$ is tax-free when you withdraw it

      You are definitely correct in that it is important to find that balance between saving and living in the moment as well! In all honesty, that is my biggest hurdle I am trying to do better in in 2018.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh but the cropped images were soooo funny! Feel bad for the guy but what a finish. It is easy to judge from our couches that is for sure. Similar to how it easier said then done to stick to an investment strategy and actually see it through.

    1. Hopefully they got all their magic out in that game so that there’s nothing left when they play my Eagles! I think I will cry the next time they show Carson Wentz on the sidelines though…

  7. Excellent stuff! I like how you include some compelling projections to show what discipline can lead to over time. Set and forget – you’ll be amazed after 10 years how quickly the snowball grows.
    I’ll have to poke around your blog – I assume you’re a Minnesota man? Quite the buzz around the Twin Cities. Mrs. Cubert and I took note of all the downtown buildings glowing purple last night. GO VIKES!!!

    1. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how quickly that snowball picks up some serious steam!

      And NO!!!…

      I am an Eagles fan! No purple in this house:)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Nice Post FMM. I almost wrote an article on Marcus Williams missing this tackle to lose the game as well. I wanted to relate his missed tackle with fundamentals and how important they are in both sports and investing. The only problem was as a Saints fan I couldn’t stop my eyes from watering.

    This one stung.

    1. I can only imagine your pain! That was probably the most memorable football play of my life. I definitely will never forget where I was when I saw it!

      Thanks for reading!

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